Residency Finished

So the residency is done.  It was a great experience.  Stefano Ricco’, the owner and engineer of Dudemusic was great.  I think the recording came out great as well (although I’m taking a week or so to rest my ears before I start listening back).  The final show was a huge success, and we managed to get most of the audience on stage with us facing the seating area of the theater, which was really cool.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos (that I know of) which demonstrate this, but a big thanks goes out to Alessandro Pelli and Sara Rasori of Teatro Asioli and Correggio Jazz for helping make the whole thing a reality.

There was both audio and video recording happening at the concert, and a sneak preview is available here:


More is on the way and I’ll keep you posted on progress on the recording.  In the meantime, get out your calendars and check out my Upcoming Shows page.  Next up is the tour with Giovanni Guidi’s quintet which I’m really looking forward to.


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