Finally an UPDATE

On my to do list for June I have about 300 things, almost none of which I managed to finish.  BUT, we are close to finishing mix and mastering for the Hobby Horse recording, which I am really excited about.  Soon I will have more info.  We are discussing ways to get it into your hot little hands as soon as possible.

I finally found time to update my Upcoming Shows page.  I’m waiting on details for a handful of shows in July so there will be updates in the near future.  Two things I’m pretty excited about are my first concert in duo with pianist Fabrizio Puglisi (not this one) in Guidizzolo and the concert I will be doing with Massimo Morganti’s Colours Jazz Orchestra at the Ancona Jazz Festival under the direction of Maria Schneider and featuring amazing interplanetary explorer Scott Robinson.  Fabrizio is an amazing and underappreciated pianist from Sicily (currently living in Bologna).  I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot working with him.

Keep checking back, I promise to try to update the page more often in the future.  The next few months will see some exciting multimedia stuff here.  Don’t miss it.


2 thoughts on “Finally an UPDATE

  1. Dan! Loving your music… Just beautiful. TryIng to keep tabs on all your projects, so glad you have this site now! Looking forward to hearing you play again soon

    1. Thanks Jamie! Great to hear from you. I’ve hardly had time to breathe in the last month but I want to check out what you’re up to as well. Talk soon!

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