For those of you who have never lived in Italy, in August, EVERYTHING stops.  Including my blog, unfortunately.  This can be maddening if you’re not willing to put your entire life on hold for an entire month.

This is not to say that I have been entirely idle.  To the contrary, I’ve been hard at work upgrading my stereo system, building furniture for my house, helping produce the records of a few friends, organizing concerts and–last but not least–pushing gradually ahead with the preparation of Hobby Horse’s upcoming record.

I’m really excited about this on many levels, and the latest good reason for you to be excited too is that my dear friend and amazing artist Evan Ross Murphy has agreed to design the packaging for us.

In the meantime, I’ve been starting to mix the tracks we recorded in April with Dan Kinzelman’s Ghost in Correggio.  It’s going to be hot.

I just got back from a couple of great concerts:  On Saturday I played with the Giovanni Guidi Quintet in Saalfelden (Austria).  This was quite a privilege as Saalfelden is one of the most interesting jazz festivals I know of, and the quality of the programming was really high.  On Sunday I performed as a guest with Simone Graziano’s quintet, featuring the amazing David Binney on alto sax.

Keep an eye on my website as I’ll be posting new shows soon.  September will be a busy month.



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