It’s amazing playing and hanging out in Berlin. This city has a strange kind of vitality, an incredible creative energy combined with a really calm and peaceful atmosphere. So far the tour’s going really well. We’ve been lucky with really friendly and receptive audiences and good weather.

We’re looking forward to our show this evening at the saxophone museum Saxstall, then back to Italy to close out our tour with a handful of shows in northern Italy…


2 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. I was there that weekend, I would have gone to see you then if I had known. Hey btw this is Amanda class of 2003 Walden III. I used to sit in the halways and listen to you practice when I was a freshman. Always thought you were talented, glad to see you following your dreams! If you are ever near Vienna, let me know. 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for writing! If you send me an email I can put you on our mailing list: hobbyhorse3(at) Otherwise, you can follow us on Facebook
      Hopefully we’ll be playing in Vienna next winter, still need to get everything organized and cleared up, but that’s the plan. Talk soon 😉

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