Dan Kinzelman

Since moving to Italy in 2005, American multi-instrumentalist and composer Dan Kinzelman has been making a name for himself as an important voice of the younger generation. His personal approach as a soloist has been widely requested by Italian stars like Enrico Rava, Mauro Ottolini and Giovanni Guidi, and he has performed with Uri Caine, David Binney, Maria Schneider and Ralph Alessi. He has recently made his debut on ECM Records with Enrico Rava, and this summer has been a busy one for him, with appearances at Umbria Jazz (Italy) and Saalfelden (Austria) and a prestigious residency with his band “Dan Kinzelman’s Ghost” in Correggio at the Teatro Asioli. In recent years he has come into his own as a bandleader and composer with a strong and original artistic vision, restless within the confines of a particular genre. He is preparing to release his first record with his trio, Hobby Horse, on tour in November and March of 2013, and negotiations are underway for the release of the recording of Dan Kinzelman’s Ghost in 2013.

“…a musician who undoubtedly has a lot to express, both as a soloist and as a composer.  “Trout” was especially interesting in that sense, thanks to his extremely personal approach to the clarinet.” – Gerlando Gatto, A Proposito di Jazz

“…a creative freedom which is difficult to find among musicians of recent generations.” – Emiliana Pistillo,

“He moves with the conviction and confidence of a much older musician, not at all interested in vomiting rivers of notes.  He seems to be involved in an intriguing process of the removal of eccess material, concentrated on some sonic essence.“ – Enzo Pavoni, Audio Review

Giovanni Guidi “Indian Summer” (Cam Jazz, 2007)
Dan Kinzelman “Goodbye Castle” (Cam Jazz, 2007)
Giovanni Guidi “The House Behind This One” (Cam Jazz, 2008)
Giovanni Guidi Unknown Rebel Band “The Unknown Rebel Band” (Cam Jazz, 2009)
Enrico Rava Parco della Musica Jazz Lab “Jazz Italiano Live” (Ed. Espresso, 2009)
Mauro Ottolini “Sousaphonix” (Cam Jazz, 2009)
Mauro Ottolini’s Sousaphonix “The Sky Above Braddock” (Cam Jazz, 2010)
Enrico Rava “Rava On the Dance Floor” (ECM, 2012)
Karsten Lipp “Swoosh” (Unit Records, 2012)

Booking: Tel: (+39) 339.8623619


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