Hobby Horse Press

Their music is impossible to categorize in any recognized current or style. It’s some kind of a strange hybrid, unexpected and inexplicable but at the same time bizzarely coherent…these three musicians know how to interact creatively in any imaginable situation.” Sergio Pasquandrea, Jazzit

They love risk and experimentation, but they also have a pure and innocent side which gives their compositions an almost childish air. You know Ornette Coleman, or the best of Albert Ayler? That’s what I’m talking about…’Eponymous’ is really a beautiful record…”. Marco Crisostomi, Audio Review

I had high expectations for the simple reason that their recent debut album for Parco della Musica was, in my opinion, one of the freshest and most surprising records of 2013. My eager anticipation was more than satisfied: with stunning agility and authority, the trio passed from smoky, atmospheric original compositions with pop shadings (as well as a delicious rendition of “Three Hours” by Nick Drake) to searing energy-focused vamps, constantly inventive and never banal. And all of this with a compact, focused unity which was pure joy to hear…” Luca Canini, Allaboutjazz.com


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