Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows:
2 – Simone Graziano Quintet at Spirito Jazz, Pisa
6 – Simone Graziano Quintet at Art Blakey Jazz Club, Busto Arsizio (MI)
8 – Simone Graziano Quintet, Biella
9 – Simone Graziano Quintet at Jazz Caffe Trivellato, Vicenza
15 – Hobby Horse CD Release Concert at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma
17 – Francesco Ponticelli Quartet at Correggio Jazz, Correggio (RE)
24 – Sousaphonix at Correggio Jazz, Correggio (RE)
25 – Liberorchestra at Young Jazz, Foligno (PG)
27 – Enrico Rava LESTER!, Mestre (VE)
31 – Sousaphonix at Laurin Bar, Bolzano


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